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THE AWAKENING by Afoussi | Solo exhibition


During these historical changes we are going through, and in an attempt to stay connected to our humanity, a new series is born: THE AWAKENING SERIES. Organic material such as crystals (lapis lazuli for instance), and wood panel ornament the artwork.The stone of power and truth is incrusted in the all seeing eyes: our intuition, our insight. This series is humbly charged with immense loving energy through crystals and textures, in hopes of bringing some grounding and empowering energy to my fellow earthlings, one artwork at a time, one human being at a time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it. It will be exhibited at Florence café until December 2020. If you are interested in any artwork, please contact me directly via email: Florence café: 2425 rue du centre, Montreal H3K 1J9 (514-269-8449)


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